Avoid Election Day Overwhelm

It’s an Election Day Tsunami for those of us feeling swept away by the emotion brought in with news, social media, and out on the street. Some people thrive on this and others are crushed.

For those feeling overwhelmed, we are not powerless. We can employ healthy emotional hygiene that will help not only today but everyday. It’s “hygiene” so it helps the same way brushing your teeth helps. 

Today’s emotional hygiene tip:


Rather than flipping through every new channel, or scrolling through news articles and Facebook debates, pick the ONE place you are going to read or listen for the next few days and stick to it. 

I like the metaphor of a boat in a flood. You are not powerless in this flood. You have a PADDLE! Pick it up and start directing your path. While you are still in the flood, you can decide where to go. It’s not the best idea to waste energy paddling directly upstream against the current but you can guide yourself to shore or avoid rocks and big waves with just one paddle. 

Today our paddle is our ability to turn off the tv, put down the device, hang up the phone, and choose only one source for Election Day input. 

If you can’t even open your eyes to look, maybe a trusted friend can give you a rundown for the day. 

The point is, don’t let yourself be swept away with EVERYTHING that is unfolding right now. Narrow your focus down to your own present moment and one favorite news source for now. You can save the bigger picture for when the storm settles a bit.


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